The House

The Casa de l Cura (The Priest’s house) na Rural Tourism House /Agroturism, has in its genesis environmental concerns in line with the village’s ancestral values ​​in which Genízio is integrated, at Miranda do Douro municipality.
Today, this house, after many years unoccupied, it’s luxuriously restored with a unique design.
In order to welcome guests in a cultural context, with strong rural characteristics but integrated in the urban core, the Casa de L Cura provides the opportunities of the incorporation at day-to-day tasks and life of the population. In perfect harmony with the natural landscape and all the structures around, guests are welcomed with all the comfort and quality.
Its formed by one suite and six rooms, a swimming pool, louge and a games room with pool table. Also has an cozy meal room, with restaurant service in witch the meals served are made with local products, some of own production. The house’s SPA, available under appointment, offers you the Massage room and a Jacuzzi with two places for donkey milk baths.