The village

There are places in the parish that cannot escape to its visit. The church of Saint Eulália and the Church of Saint Genísio in the village of Especiosa, the chapels of Santa Cruz and Saint Ciríaco, Oil-press Museum, the diving fountains and the small archaeological site where a Mamoa “Campina” exists.

Residents: 233
Area: 2982 ha

Economic Activities: Agriculture, cattle and handcraft.
Attached: Specious
Orago: saint Eulália
Organizations: Cultural and Recreative Association “Rising Sun of Genísio”; Cultural and Recreative Association of Especiosa.
Parties: Especiosa – St. Amaro (15 of jan.); St. Gregorio (beginning of ago.); N. Srª da Conceição (8 of Dec.). Genísio – N. Srª das Candeias (2 fev. or weekend after); St. Barbara and St. Bartolomeu (beginning of Ago.).